Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

Is It Worth Getting Artificial Grass?

I’m sure when looking into artificial grass and the benefits associates with having it installed in your property, this type of question will no doubt come up, and at the end of the day its a fair question, like any investment you want to make sure it’s worth your time and investment.

Do you install real grass or artificial grass? At the end of the day, it will come down to a long-term approach, in my view anyway. Because if you look at it from an upfront view, on the surface the artificial grass might look a little pricy compared to the two.

However, when you take into consideration the lifespan of artificial grass, things start to look a little better, add to the equation the ongoing costs associated with real grass, this being, watering and maintaining, again the overall picture looks even better.

Then there’s the time factor as well. This can come down to what stage you are at in your life, meaning are you a little older and find it hard to manage. Then there’s the time you need to keep everything in order.

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We have successfully been laying artificial grass in the Canberra area for many years. We offer very competitive prices on all our artificial grass with a professional and friendly service. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass. Give us a call.

There’s also that, where is the grass being installed factor. If the grass is for a smaller area, a play area, a putting green or in an animal enclosure or a small sporting area, it might not even make sense to use real grass.

At the end of the day, these are all the things you need to consider which then once cleared up should sort out the, is artificial grass worth the money question.


I’ll give you a good example where artificial grass over real grass was a much better option. We had a client that came to us looking for options for around their swimming pool. And, of course, artificial grass was once of those options.

We looked at all the other options, pavers, real grass, concrete and the like. But they really wanted a grass look and was tossing up between the two.


Of course, they went down the fake grass route. And the biggest reason was the maintenance factor and the mess it would most likely cause when mowing the grass, which we pointed out. Who would want to clean up grass clipping that accidentally fell into the water, It just didn’t make sense. This is a great example of when fake grass is a much better option. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of artificial grass you can click that link. 

Once you know where the grass is going to be and the purpose of the artificial grass answering the question will be quite easy. Then this way you’ll get a good idea as to whether artificial grass is worth the investment or not.


Cost Of Artificial Grass

Now that we know what the artificial grass is for and the reasons why you feel it would be worth the investment you now need to look at the costs, this is something you might already have a fair idea of, and to be fair it’s hard to give you an actual price using this article as there are so many variables.


That’s why we always use this platform as a guide, then we highly recommend booking in for a free measure and quote. Because there are different types of grass for different projects and there are also different types of quality of grasses to meet your budget requirements as well. 


But to give you an idea on the cost of artificial grass your looking anywhere between $70-$110 a square meter, and as I said before this does depend on a number of factors.


A lot of it does come down to what you want and the purpose behind it, and that’s something we can work with and help you with. 

If you think artificial grass could be the ideal option, and you would like to get a quote give us a call, we are your Canberra artificial grass specialists and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiries.

Natural Grass Vs Artificial Grass

Natural Grass Vs Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Pros And Cons

Natural grass or artificial grass, which one is the best fit for you and your property. That’s what we are going to look at today. A lot of people are looking into alternative options for their property these days, trying to save time and costs as life is so busy these days, hence the search for the ideal garden for you.

So this is the topic for today. Natural grass vs artificial grass, we will look into the pros and cons of the two and hope we can help you make the best choice for you, your family and your lifestyle. 

We might be a little biased but we also love real grass and it has its place. but due to time constraints or even mobility issues, artificial grass might be a cost and time effective solution for you and your property. 

And if your looking for a little more info this article will help clear things up a bit, allowing you to make the best choice possible.

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We have successfully been laying artificial grass in the Canberra area for many years. We offer very competitive prices on all our artificial grass with a professional and friendly service. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass. Give us a call.


Appearances are probably one of the first main talking points of artificial grass. And are subject to your thought as we will all have different opinions. 


When it comes to the two differences there are few issues with how a well-trimmed and looked after lawn looks compared to the artificial look, especially if you were to compare then side by side. 


We’ve all seen the beauty of a well-kept lawn, but we are not really aware of the maintenance it requires. The issues come into play when you look at what’s required to maintain the lawn all year round, especially in the summer months where it can be quite dry and water is a precious commodity.


Having said that with a good amount of time and effort you can keep your lawn looking amazing all year round, but it will take some effort, time and cost. 


The start of the artificial grass world was originally made for the purpose of sporting events. Hockey would be a good example of the type of events it was made for.

As popularity grew the natural progression was into landscaping and the manufactures began to refine the appearance to suit the needs of landscapers. And the results of that is there are a number of options available to you. All very realistic for what they are but at the end of the day, they are artificial and made from plastic. 


The feel of the grass

There’s a difference in the two kinds of grass when it comes to the feel and that’s to be expected they are two very different products. However artificial grass is quite soft and comfortable to sit or lay on, especially for the kids. 

A difference between the to is that artificial grass will actually heat up in the sun which can be quite nice. 

Artificial grass will not attract any insects or bees, which can be a benefit when it comes to kids and animals.


Maintenance and Longevity

When it comes to the two types of grasses, natural grass will last a lot longer than its counterpart, providing it is well maintained. Having said that it does require a lot more care and ongoing cost than fake grass and a lot more mowing. 

Synthetic or artificial grass whatever you’d like to call it should last in the range of around 15 years before it’s going to need to be replaced. It’s very durable and will often come with a guarantee of anywhere from 6 to 10 years.

The benefits come in the way of no maintenance cost which saves you time and money and always looks lush. You’ll get no dead spots that you can find on real grass and it holds up well to animals, especially dogs and will look in tip-top shape all year round.


If it is damaged on the rare occasion, it can be repaired. When it comes to maintenance there is a little. At times it does need to be brushed and groomed, yes the lawn not the dog. And will usually need to be refilled once a year, this can be done by us or you can hire the equipment yourself. 



Other Facts

Anyone suffering from grass or insect allergies will benefit from using this type of grass. It can be installed pretty much anywhere and can be used for a multitude of areas. Including kids areas, a dog run, putting green and in all areas, you would usually lay turf.

The downfall to having fake grass in the summer is that it can heat up and can be a deterrent for some.



Affordability and Installation

Cost is always a factor when you’re looking into any investment and installing artificial grass or even lawn is no exception. 

Synthetic grass will cost you in the region of $75-$100 per square metre. While natural grass is in the range of $35 to supply and install depending on preparation factors. 

Yes on the surface natural grass looks cheaper but when you average this over a 10- 15 year period with all the maintenance costs of moving, water and fertilizers involved with natural grass, artificial grass does start to look a little more attractive.

If you look at artificial grass the initial cost is more but overall your costs will be lower. And the other huge benefits for a lot of people is the time-saving factor.  



Natural grass vs artificial grass conclusion

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and you will go with what your feel is the best choice for you and your family. We have given you both sides and their pros and cons and both have their benefits and disadvantages.

We are the artificial grass Canberra specialist, so if you would like us to give you a quote on any type of artificial grass please feel free to give us a call we’ll be happy to give you our expert thoughts.

Fake Grass For Dogs

Fake Grass For Dogs

Is Artificial Grass Ok For Dogs?


Artificial grass is becoming very popular for a lot of people, this includes dog owners. It’s a low maintenance alternative over real grass that can be used in a number of places including back and front yards, play areas for the kids and of course for the dogs. 

There’s that attraction because of the low maintenance factor that can really pay off in the summer and the winter for a number of reasons. 

No watering, mowing and maintaining are all attractive factors when looking into synthetic grass for your home. 

If you’re a dog owner and are looking into the benefits of fake grass for your dog area, you’re probably asking yourself is artificial grass ok for dogs?

And that’s a valid question. How pet friendly is this artificial grass and how will it hold up against a lot of dog use?

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?


This is one of the biggest questions often asked when it comes to looking into fake grass for your home. And what could my god be exposed to?

In the early days, lead was a concern, as your probably aware, lead exposure can lead to a number of health issues that can cause harm to not only us but our animals. And that’s exactly what we want to avoid.

Thankfully and the good news for us is that in today’s artificial grass world there is no traces of lead being used in the making of artificial grass. 

The ​Center for Environmental Health (CEH)​ and major turf manufacturers entered agreements in 2008 to make sure synthetic turf would no longer pose this health concern.

So basically what this means for you if you choose a reputable Canberra artificial grass installer you can be assured that you are getting the best and most trusted artificial grass you can get on today’s market. And this is not only good for you and your health but good for your pets as well. 

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We have successfully been laying artificial grass in the Canberra area for many years. We offer very competitive prices on all our artificial grass with a professional and friendly service. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass. Give us a call.

What About Exposure To Chemicals?

To be fair, our chemical exposure is probably something we really don’t think about. But it’s interesting to go a little deeper on this topic, so let’s take a look. 


Natural Grass Chemical Treatment


If you really think about it, to get the best looking lawn you need to use some sort of chemical. This is in the form of fertilizers and pesticides, you pretty much need these to keep your lawn protected from the elements and unwanted pests. 


Nowadays you have other organic options available which are good, but the majority of landscapers and homeowners will use the usual suspects. They are proven to do what they are supposed to.


This is where it can be challenging for pet owners as it can be hard to control dogs, they do tend to chew on things and if you happen to use chemicals on your grass there’s a good chance your pet will be exposed to it. This is where artificial grass comes into play.


Artificial Turf Doesn’t Require Chemicals


This is a big plus for any pet owner as there are no chemicals required for the upkeep and care of fake grass. And no chemicals means no maintenance. 

For anyone who is chemical conscious, this is a big plus. And to be fair it’s something we all need to be conscious of in today’s world.

What you will need to be aware of and maintain when required, is the cleaning of your grass with any animals, especially dogs. It’s to be expected there might be times that they were or even do number twos.


And that can cause some bacteria buildup. Although bacteria is usually not a real concern with manufactured artificial lawns, especially when you go with an antimicrobial acrylic-coated fill. 


If you’re unsure of any of this we can assist you with the best options for your home. 

A good home remedy is to use a vinegar solution in a spray bottle in the areas of concern. You can also do this in areas where kids play.


Our Conclusion.

In our opinion, fake grass for dogs and other pets can be a great option. Aside from being a safe product from chemicals, it’s also low maintenance and easy to clean solution for your outdoor area.

Other than the chemical side of things there are also other pretty good reasons to look into fake grass for your dogs. What about the mess they can create and bring into the home? Especially after it rains. How often have you had to clean up mud that the dog has brought into the house? That’s something to think about.

Fake grass does not contain pests like fleas or ticks that are very keen to jump onto your pets which then drags them into the house. Once you start to learn more about artificial grass you can start to see how it could be an ideal option for your home and your dogs.

If you think artificial grass could be the ideal option for your home and your dog, and you would like to get a quote from an experienced Canberra fake grass expert give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiries.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

The rise of artificial grass. It’s starting to become a very popular product for homeowners. And for a lot of landscapers who want to provide alternative options for those who don’t have the time to maintain their property artificial grass can be a great option.


In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of artificial grass and how this wonderful product could benefit you in a number of ways. We here at Idig landscaping know the benefits of artificial turf and how it can have a positive impact on your life, so if you’re thinking of investing in artificial grass for your property please feel free to give us a call.

Momentum is gaining for artificial grass, especially since drought and water shortage is such a concern now as well as time for a lot of people, especially as we get older.

As these issues become more important, the benefits of artificial grass become more attractive as opposed to growing and maintaining normal living grass.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why artificial grass is becoming so popular.

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We have successfully been laying artificial grass in the Canberra area for many years. We offer very competitive prices on all our artificial grass with a professional and friendly service. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass. Give us a call.

Water Concerns

With the ongoing concerns about water shortages and the need to look into ways to conserve it, it’s important for all of us to do our part and look into ways to save water ourselves, its an ongoing mission for a lot of households. And with this factor alone, artificial turf is an ideal way to not only save on water but also save on household costs in the process.


It’s a bit of a win-win scenario.


Often when looking at landscaping your yard the conversation usually turns to waterless alternatives, and plants that use less water are always the first to get mentioned. Well, now we can also add artificial turf to that conversation. 

When it comes to looking at the savings you can gain with artificial turf it can be hard to work out. But let’s look at the averages. 

Based on a yearly average you can save around 40 litres of water for every square meter of fake grass you have. Depending on the size of your grassed area that can make a huge difference to the environment, your time and your back pocket.


Saving On Time


I’ve touched on it a little already but the time you can save by installing fake grass on your property can make a huge difference to anyone’s life. This is especially true for the older generation where getting out in the garden can be more of a challenge than it was once before.

Or for the professional who’s time is limited and can’t get out into the garden as much as they want or are simply not really interested and just want an easy and no fuss solution. 

There are many flow-on benefits you can take advantage of when you decide to hire a professional Canberra artificial grass landscaper to install artificial grass on your property. 


Gone are the days of tacky looking fake grass, nowadays you’ll find it in more places than you might think.


Saving Costs

This and the water factor and the two biggest benefits of installing fake grass on your property. What you also might not think about is the fact that you don’t need to spend money on irrigation systems either, unless you want one for your garden. 

Even if that is the case you will still save on watering.

Other areas where you’re bound to save are with mowing the lawn. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a business to do it for you, either way, you will save money. 

Then you have the upkeep of the lawn, meaning fertilizer and other products to help with your lawn if that is something you would normally do.


Taking all that into consideration you can save a lot over the long run by installing artificial grass on your property.


Better Visual Appeal

With the ongoing advancements in technology means you’ll be investing in a high-quality product, as well as having a number of options available for you to choose from. Fake turf also has that all-year-round appeal factor as well.

What attracts a lot of people is the look and the feel of the grass. There’s no more bare spots or dead-looking grass. There’s also no need to be worrying about any weeds or overgrown grass. Allowing for peace of mind knowing your all good. 

Artificial grass offers a lush green look to your home, that can if done right also adds value to your property. Which is always something we want to achieve when looking at investing in your home.

Artificial grass also relieves you of the worry of dragging in any unwanted waste into your home, mud dirt and excess water are the usual suspects, especially from your kids and the family dog.

And on top of that, it’s very easy to clean as well. A good rinse and your usually good to go.

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Custom Designed

Artificial turf is easy and simple to use and maintain and can be custom designed to suit any area of your home. Nowadays fake grass gives you many options around the home, and its not restricted to just using it as your lawn. 

We can custom design to fit in any area you wish, even footpaths down the side of your home, play areas for the kids are very popular as well as pool areas and even within you home. You can have a little putting green as well. The choice is up to your imagination.

The benefits of artificial grass are many. If you think artificial grass would be ideal for your Canberra property and you’d like to get a quote, give us a call, we are your Canberra artificial grass experts.