Is Artificial Grass Ok For Dogs?


Artificial grass is becoming very popular for a lot of people, this includes dog owners. It’s a low maintenance alternative over real grass that can be used in a number of places including back and front yards, play areas for the kids and of course for the dogs. 

There’s that attraction because of the low maintenance factor that can really pay off in the summer and the winter for a number of reasons. 

No watering, mowing and maintaining are all attractive factors when looking into synthetic grass for your home. 

If you’re a dog owner and are looking into the benefits of fake grass for your dog area, you’re probably asking yourself is artificial grass ok for dogs?

And that’s a valid question. How pet friendly is this artificial grass and how will it hold up against a lot of dog use?

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?


This is one of the biggest questions often asked when it comes to looking into fake grass for your home. And what could my god be exposed to?

In the early days, lead was a concern, as your probably aware, lead exposure can lead to a number of health issues that can cause harm to not only us but our animals. And that’s exactly what we want to avoid.

Thankfully and the good news for us is that in today’s artificial grass world there is no traces of lead being used in the making of artificial grass. 

The ​Center for Environmental Health (CEH)​ and major turf manufacturers entered agreements in 2008 to make sure synthetic turf would no longer pose this health concern.

So basically what this means for you if you choose a reputable Canberra artificial grass installer you can be assured that you are getting the best and most trusted artificial grass you can get on today’s market. And this is not only good for you and your health but good for your pets as well. 

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What About Exposure To Chemicals?

To be fair, our chemical exposure is probably something we really don’t think about. But it’s interesting to go a little deeper on this topic, so let’s take a look. 


Natural Grass Chemical Treatment


If you really think about it, to get the best looking lawn you need to use some sort of chemical. This is in the form of fertilizers and pesticides, you pretty much need these to keep your lawn protected from the elements and unwanted pests. 


Nowadays you have other organic options available which are good, but the majority of landscapers and homeowners will use the usual suspects. They are proven to do what they are supposed to.


This is where it can be challenging for pet owners as it can be hard to control dogs, they do tend to chew on things and if you happen to use chemicals on your grass there’s a good chance your pet will be exposed to it. This is where artificial grass comes into play.


Artificial Turf Doesn’t Require Chemicals


This is a big plus for any pet owner as there are no chemicals required for the upkeep and care of fake grass. And no chemicals means no maintenance. 

For anyone who is chemical conscious, this is a big plus. And to be fair it’s something we all need to be conscious of in today’s world.

What you will need to be aware of and maintain when required, is the cleaning of your grass with any animals, especially dogs. It’s to be expected there might be times that they were or even do number twos.


And that can cause some bacteria buildup. Although bacteria is usually not a real concern with manufactured artificial lawns, especially when you go with an antimicrobial acrylic-coated fill. 


If you’re unsure of any of this we can assist you with the best options for your home. 

A good home remedy is to use a vinegar solution in a spray bottle in the areas of concern. You can also do this in areas where kids play.


Our Conclusion.

In our opinion, fake grass for dogs and other pets can be a great option. Aside from being a safe product from chemicals, it’s also low maintenance and easy to clean solution for your outdoor area.

Other than the chemical side of things there are also other pretty good reasons to look into fake grass for your dogs. What about the mess they can create and bring into the home? Especially after it rains. How often have you had to clean up mud that the dog has brought into the house? That’s something to think about.

Fake grass does not contain pests like fleas or ticks that are very keen to jump onto your pets which then drags them into the house. Once you start to learn more about artificial grass you can start to see how it could be an ideal option for your home and your dogs.

If you think artificial grass could be the ideal option for your home and your dog, and you would like to get a quote from an experienced Canberra fake grass expert give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiries.