The Home Of Artificial Grass In The ACT

Artificial grass has come a long way in the last few years. There’s a demand for alternative options to natural grass. And with the higher costs associated with water and the issues with water shortages, it makes total sense.

That’s why we work with the leading artificial grass suppliers to create the best real-life types of artificial grasses on the market today. They look amazing, add value to your home, feel like real grass and at the same time have no impact on your water consumption and costs. 

The grasses we use are all made with the use of UV stabilizing yarns that create a grass blade that really feels like the real thing. The backing of the grass is then applied to the blades or weaves of the grass to create a shock-resistant bond that is also water-resistant.


Our range of grasses has been designed to suit the Australian outdoor way of life. Combining modern life with the most modern artificial grass available on the market today gives your property that luxury look that will add overall value to your home for years to come.

So give Us A Call If You Want Artificial Grass That:


Is designed to feel and look amazing all year round


Works very well in all weather conditions


Is great for anyone that sufferers allergies


Outperforms better that grass with consistent use


Has very good draining capabilities


Reduces insect concerns


Is very good for pets and kids


Very easy to clean as there are no clippings or dirt issues


Works very well in all area, like pools, play areas and pet areas.

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