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The Home Of Artificial Grass In The ACT

Artificial grass is not just about installing the best real looking fake grass for your Canberra property, It’s much more than that. Yes, it needs to look the part but it also needs to suit the environment. And that’s exactly what we specialise in.

Canberra Turf Solutions is a dedicated team of experts that work with you to offer the best quality artificial grasses on the market.

There are certain things we look for. They are as followed.

Designs Of The Grass

As you would expect, not all artificial grasses are the same, there are different types of grasses for different surfaces. For example, what you would use for a putting green is a different type of grass you would use for kids or pet area. 

And this is what sets us apart. We work alongside a team of grass specialists that specifically design and produce each type of grass for each surface, making it look as real as possible while still giving the grass the same textures, feel and look that real grass offers.


Type Of Grass

We have over a dozen different types of grass surfaces available to us. Ranging from grasses suitable for indoor sports, outdoor sports like tennis and putting greens to Multisport surfaces and more. Then we have the surfaces that are suitable for residential landscaping.

What Is The Purpose Of The Grass

We look at what the grass is intended for, this is done when we are doing our site quote. This range allows us to source the right grass surface for the right job every time. Giving you peace of mind knowing you are getting the right grass for the right area.

Once we know what we are doing and what type of grass we need we can then order in the right type of grass needed for that project. This process allows us to provide you with the best possible grasses available.

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