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Sports Artificial Grass

When it comes to using artificial grass for sports, not all grasses are the same. We have available a wide range of artificial grasses to suit all individual sports. When it comes to the best sporting synthetic grasses on the market we have your covered. 

We have over 30 different sporting grasses suitable for all types of sports surface, covering all budgets and all environments and conditions. Let’s take a look at a few.


Tennis, as you know, is a very popular sport, and have been using artificial grasses for a number of years. The Australian Open is a great example of that.

We have available a range of surfaces that have been designed specifically for professional and amateur tennis courts. 

Speak to us about your options, we have a number of tennis grasses to select from depending on what your after and your budget. 

Our yarns have been designed using what is called our sports grade grass, it’s designed to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as being tough enough for our Australian climate all year round.

Our artificial grasses are not limited to green. If you’re after a clay court feel we have a surface that replicates that clay look and feel.


When designing an artificial grass suited to a putting surface you want a nice fast-paced firm surface that is going to replicate an actual real green.

Our suppliers have worked extensively with golf professionals to replicate an artificial grass that is second to none. 

Our gold grass surface has a short blade around the 12-15mm pile. It is created to be a neutral directional type of grass, meaning it doesn’t favour a direction, which is very important when replicating an actual putting green surface.

We have installed golf surfaces for a number of different types of properties. For the avid golfer in their own backyard, to residential living properties, mini golf and putt-putt business right through to professional clubs.

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Cricket Grasses

Artificial grass is a very popular choice with cricket wickets, especially in clubs, schools, indoor cricket centres and in some parkland areas.

Our cricket grasses have been designed especially for a cricket wicket, and our suppliers have worked with leading cricket clubs to design the perfect artificial grass wicket for all playing levels.

These surfaces have been designed like all our grasses to be very low maintenance. They have been designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic and all types of conditions. 

Lawn Bowling.

The grass we use for lawn bowling is very similar to the one we use for our gold surfaces, they are designed for speed and control. We install our lawn bowling surface using a sand base to allow for better foot control and stability which is vital.

Multisport Surfaces

These types of sport surfaces are becoming very popular because of the low maintenance factor as well as the ability to use one area for multiple sports, which of course can reduce costs for local sporting clubs. 

The artificial grass surface is a much better option than asphalt, it looks nicer and is a safer option as well. And had the ability to be used all year round.

The sports that can take advantage of these surfaces are netball, hockey and soccer, they also can be used for a range of other schools sports as well.

These grasses are available in a range of colours, we can also mark outlines if needed.

Our surfaces have been installed in council areas, schools, even playground and other commercial sporting centres.



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